Well, that was quick.

In a move we all saw coming, the city of Palm Springs, run by people who detest all things fun, have sent Bird Scooters a cease and desist letter, according to a news release from the city:

Update on Bird Scooters

Nov. 29, 2018

Bird Scooters will not be allowed to operate in the City of Palm Springs until the
community has a chance to weigh in.

The City Council met in Closed Session tonight and directed the City Attorney to
notify Bird Scooters that the company must cease and desist operations in the City
of Palm Springs within 24 hours and remove all scooters, until the City has an
opportunity to consult the community on this issue.

If Bird Scooters fails to comply, the City Manager has been directed by Council to
confiscate and store the scooters as expeditiously as possible under the City’s
existing ordinances.

The letter was sent on the same day the scooters, which are rented from an app, suddenly appeared in Palm Springs.

Reaction to the scooters arriving in Palm Springs has been mostly positive, at least on Twitter:

Meanwhile, on Facebook, there was this from City Council member Christy Holstege – which, ummm, I don’t really know what this means.

Anyway, hope you got your ride in on a Bird Scooter, because it might be a while (or never) before you get a chance to do it again.


  1. My issue with scooters is that too many scooter riders can’t drive and can’t park. I’ve had scooter riders cut me off by turning across my path in their attempts to get a Darwin Award. I’ve also had to move scooters blocking wheelchair ramps.

    IF scooter riders and charging contractors ever learn to park the damned things on the edge of a sidewalk or bike path to avoid blocking the sidewalk or bike path, and IF scooter riders learn to drive so that they don’t put both their lives and mine in danger while staring at their phones, I may change my opinion of scooters.

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