Palm Springs Craigslist | The 6 strangest posts we’ve seen

Palm Springs Craigslist can be a great place to find cheap furniture, tickets for sale, and free dirt, but it is also home to some pretty strange posts. Here are some of the weirder things we have seen.

A Time Machine


Sure, you logged onto Craigslist to find where the yard sales were happening this weekend, but then you found something better: a listing for a freakin’ time machine:

This is a time machine with some moderate use. It has been sitting for a few years and it does need some repair. The power crystals have been spent, the casing on one of the stabilizers is slightly cracked following a temporal distortion event in 2013, the cooling tank was ruptured and has been removed and there will need to be some rewiring/soldering along with a fusion core. The last two pictures are just showing a test run and will not include the water pump or the working displacment dampeners.

Seems legit.

A Naked, One-of-a-Kind Painting of Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon Painting
tipster alerted us to this amazing, uhh, unique painting of actor Mark Harmon back in 2014.

naked man painting craigslist

Sorry, we had to censor the pic – which was shown in all its glory on the posting, which read:

This is NOT a print and NOT a poster. Truly original pastel painting by notable Gay LGBT Artist Michael Breyette. The artist was commissioned to create this fantasy depicting the client’s MOMD (Man of My Dreams) posed on his clients actual bed. We will not speculate as to who the nude male is supposed to be. Remember, this was created as fantasy art and it is not our intent to embarrass anyone this art subject resembled in his youth. This may or may not be your idea of the Sexiest Man Alive. But it is a stunning example of Breyette’s work and evokes images of lustful eroticism more subtle than Tom of Finland genre.

Price tag: $1,500 – and worth every penny if he is also your MOMD.

A Dildo Mobile

A Dildo Mobile That was listed on Craigslist Palm Springs

One of the more unusual postings was listed in the arts and crafts section of Palm Springs Craigslist by someone who saw sees lemons and makes lemonade and sees dildos and makes, well…

A dildo mobile created and sold by someone on Palm Springs Craigslist

The listing read:

This mobile was created by me after a tenant who I had to evict after 6 months of not paying rent left behind 10 dildos I was determined to do SOMETHING with them hence this dildo mobile

My present landlord where I live now says “it’s got to go out of the Common garage area ” it’s to large for my room.”

This particular landlord, along with way too many people, just don’t appreciate a a great work of art.

A Job Posting for a Maid That Will Work for Weed

weed maid

A dude looking to get someone to clean his house only had enough coin to pay $10 an hour – but he had a backup plan to pay for a cleaning person:

Craigslist 420 cleaning lady Palm Springs

It’s perfect for any of you ladies that have always wanted to clean some stoner’s floor – only so you can then lay on it to space out for hours and hours, you need to jump on this opportunity ASAP!

A Romantic Coachella Missed Connection

onesie coachella love

A Palm Springs Craigslist Missed Connections posting from 2016 was one of the most romantic things we have ever read about happening at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival:

During the Sia performance u were wearing a onsie colored green and the ass flap was open and it was nice to see your ass out in the open , I’m sure u saw me looking but u kept facing your ass towards me . Hmu maybe we can exchange digits and see if we may be close to each other .

Coachella is definitely for lovers.

Another Missed Connection, This Time by an Eagle-Eyed Flyer

One eagle-eyed passenger flying into Palm Springs back in 2015 was able to spot a handsome fella he saw mowing his lawn far down below – and, of course, he put a listing out on Palm Springs Craigslist to find him:

Missed connection Palm Springs Airplane

The post read:

I was on a plane yesterday coming into Palm Springs airport. As we were on approach to the airport, I looked out the window and saw you mowing the lawn. I thought you were very handsome. I wanted to say hi, but I wasn’t able to open the cabin window. After we landed and got into my rental car I drove around hoping to find you so I could introduce myself but I really wasn’t sure where you were working. I’ll be in Palm Springs for a week and I’d love to get to you know you. Maybe we can go to Las Casuelas for a nice meal and Margaritas. I hope you see this. Tell me what airline I was on so I know it’s you responding.

What a set of eyes on that guy!