Palm Springs councilman won’t ‘pussyfoot around’ when discussing downtown arena

A 10,000 seat arena is coming to downtown Palm Springs and, while it seem to make sense that the city council would be doing things like demanding current road projects in the area are halted until everyone knows what’s going on with what could be a huge boon to the city’s economy, they are not doing that.  So what are they doing?  Well, one council member, J.R. Roberts, is spending time telling the community that he would prefer the arena be built elsewhere, then admitting he has zero say in the matter.

Via Desert Sun:

Roberts did admit to the crowd that he didn’t love the proposed location for the arena.

“I’m not going to pussyfoot around — I’m not happy the arena is this close to town,” he said. “I’d be much happier to see the arena closer to the freeway and out of town. We just don’t get a choice in that.”

And while building an arena right next to the freeway might eliminate any potential traffic problems from downtown Palm Springs, there would also be consequences.  I mean, be warned, because I’m not going to pussyfoot around here, but with that traffic also comes people and money that might be spent downtown on things like drinks, dinner, lodging, and shopping before and after concerts, hockey, conventions, and whatever else might take place at the arena.

Then again, if anyone is going to get really upset about not being able to park where they want in Palm Springs, it’s J.R. Roberts.