The Palm Springs council does not want anyone to have fun. Ever.


The Desert Sun reports that the indecisive quintet on the current city council just can’t seem to figure out if they should allow people to have booze while on a pedicab. Spoiler: Yes. Yes they should.

The council unanimously decided to table the measure last week, with council members saying they wanted more discussion with the police chief, downtown business owners and pedicab operators before deciding whether patrons of the multi-person bikes can bring booze on board.

Council member Geoff Kors said the body still had some homework to do on the subject, but it needed to move more quickly than it had in the past as business owners had been waiting a long time for a decision.

Why didn’t the council just discuss this with the police chief and businesses in advance, you ask?  I don’t know.  Probably too busy driving to Palm Desert for shoes.  Kors also brought up a slippery-slope argument because of course he did.

“What’s the difference between this, and somebody sitting in the back seat of a convertible drinking, driving down the street?” Kors said in the meeting.

Well, this is a rented pedicab that: a) has no engine, b) has an employee of the pedicab steering, and c) the thing probably tops out at like 6 miles-per-hour.

But, yeah.  Real slippery slope there, Councilman.

To recap: Palm Springs is a city that doesn’t allow Uber to pick you up at the airport, bans food trucks anywhere that makes sense, is probably getting rid of the Buzz shuttle, and refuses to let the bachelorette parties or corporate events that come to the Coachella Valley to have a beer or two while on a pedicab in downtown.

What a fun, smart, and progressive city.