Palm Springs council backs away from ‘hatched up’ district map

A map that was suddenly thrust into consideration to become the new Palm Springs districts will not be pushed by Palm Springs council members, including the one who drew it up, after the Desert Sun pointed out that the map seemed to be drawn if for no other reason than to protect the incumbents.

Via the Desert Sun:

Geoff Kors and Lisa Middleton acknowledged in a meeting with The Desert Sun’s editorial board that not fully explaining the new map — known as Middleton Test 5 — at a council meeting last Thursday had created the impression of impropriety.Late Tuesday afternoon, Middleton said she would not recommend the City Council pick it as the final map.

Ahh, yes.  They didn’t explain it correctly.  🙄

The new map, that appeared from basically nowhere, would have put Middleton and Christy Holstege in separate districts along with JR Roberts.  Mayor Buzzkill would’ve had to run against Kors.

The Middleton Test 5 map would have placed Middleton and Holstege in separate districts, unlike another map put forward for council discussion. Moon and Kors both would have been placed in District 3 in Middleton’s map. The Desert Sun reported that Middleton’s map would have placed Roberts in District 2 without any other current council members, however, Middleton and Kors said Tuesday that the address Roberts provided to the city would have placed him in District 3. Roberts, who has moved several times during the course of the year, could not be reached Tuesday to confirm his address.

And not to pry, but “moved several times” in just a year?

Middleton, who said that she drew up the map only two days prior (even though this whole district thing has been going on now for since freakin’ April), noted that “it looked like something that had been hatched up.” – which, ummm, yeah.  It does.

Anyway, the council is still deciding things and everyone should keep an eye on this sneaky bunch.