Palm Springs city workers spent Saturday collecting Bird Scooters


Did you have a chance to try out one of the many Bird Scooters that surprisingly popped up in Palm Springs on Thursday? If you didn’t, you probably won’t get a chance again for a while or, possibly, ever again.

The city dispatched workers to collecting the Bird scooters from around downtown ahead of the Festival of Lights parade on Palm Canyon Drive, according to the Desert Sun.

Workers began grabbing the scooters at about 2 pm, after a 24-hour deadline from the city in a cease and desist letter had passed.

City Attorney Ed Kotkin said in the letter that Bird scooters won’t be allowed in the city until the community has had a change to weigh in on them.

And since they aren’t a Wessman project or source of TOT revenue, don’t expect the city to embrace them anytime soon.

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