Palm Springs City Council votes down Zelda’s reopening

Well, folks. Looks like you won’t be heading to Zelda’s nightclub in Palm Springs anytime soon.

The Palm Springs City Council voted 3 to 2 to revoke the club’s conditional use permit, according to the Desert Sun.

The council voted after a more than one hour discussion. Mayor Rob Moon and council members Lisa Middleton and Geoff Kors supported revoking the permit.

The vote comes nearly two months after the council suspended the club’s conditional-use permit for at least 45 days. They intended to consider allowing the club to reopen if a stronger security plan could be put in place.

Their decision to suspended the permit came after Palm Springs police said that they were informed by Zelda’s employees that security cameras weren’t working when several violent crimes, including a fatal shooting, occurred in the parking lot outside the nightclub over the last two years.

The vote came after the club told the city they were interested in reopening, which came after the owners initially stated they were closing down for good and put the club up for sale.

(Instagram / Zelda’s)

A listing to buy the nightclub remains live – with the price being just under $700,000.