Palm Springs City Council to Mayor: STFU, we aren’t firing anyone

Upon seeing that maybe a city that has been raided by the FBI and has doled out loads of cash to developers for failing and even nonexistent business, Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon brought up the idea that maybe it would be a good time to bring in new people to run the city who are – oh what is the word I am looking for – competent. This sent other city council members into a tizzy.

“My fear is there is great collateral damage even in making public statements the way that he did because it sends the rest of the staff a scary message, quite frankly. That they might be losing their boss, or in our case, our chief-of-staff,” councilman J.R. Roberts told the Desert Sun.

Or, who knows, maybe they will realize that a town that was raided by the FBI should maybe look at changing the way it does business? 

At Wednesday’s city council meeting, Coucilwoman Ginny Foat – who lost to Moon in the mayor’s race despite having all the money in the world – said she was “perplexed” by Moon’s request to replace the city manager and attorney.  “It is not appropriate to do a public firing of someone. It is not appropriate to do a public witch hunt of someone,” stated to KESQ.

Councilman Geoff Kors told The Desert Sun, it would be “detrimental to Palm Springs to lose the two staff people who report to City Council in a hasty manner.”

The Desert Sun speculates Moon does not have enough votes to replace City Manager David Ready – who was been on the job for 8 years and was once called by former Mayor Steve Pougnet  the “best city manager in the country” #RedFlag.