‘Palm Springs Bitch’ is the music video you never knew you wanted


Finally, your song of the summer has arrived, Coachella Valley. A tipster sent us the video below from Nima for the song, “Palm Springs Bitch” and, well, it’s, ummm, really something.

The writing of the track is Beatle-esqu with Nima finding a way to incorporate “Palm Springs Bitch” and “I ain’t no Palm Springs Bitch” about 700 times in just over 2 minutes. There’s also a surprise “gettin’ high on the Tramway, erryday erryday erryday erryday” thrown in because, sure, why not?


I think you’ll agree, the whole thing is truly amazing.

Watch here – but, and this is important, please remember that I ain’t no Palm Springs Bitch…

You’re welcome.

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