Is Palm Springs America’s sexiest city?

Victoria’s Secret dropped its “What is Sexy” list last week – and while most of the media’s attention to the list is the lack of any person on it who is not a young, skinny, white girl, there was also the naming of Palm Springs as “Sexiest City.” Wait. What?

While Palm Springs has certainly come a long way over the past few decades, is it really the sexiest city in America?

Sure corruption, dangerous sidewalks ,  and flights full of old people are pretty damn sensual – but more sexy than New York, Las Vegas, or Miami?

In a press release, Victoria’s Secret says it has, “compiled its annual picks of the fiercest and most inspiring people in Hollywood, music and sports who are at the top of their game. These winners inspire us to work harder and keep it fierce every day, and that’s what is sexy to us.”

I guess so.  I mean, it’s part of a list on the Internet so it must be true.

Let’s discuss in the comments.


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