Palm Springs Airport will offer tons of flights in December, but none to anywhere good

Palm Springs International Airport has announced they will offer the most nonstop flights in the history of the airport during the Holiday Season. Unfortunately, based on the locations, this seems to really only be good news for the elderly Canadian set.

Tourism officials told the Desert Sun that the airport will average 51 flights per day between Dec. 20 and Jan. 6 – with the record high being attributed to new flights from Flair Airlines, which will offer service between Edmonton and Palm Springs starting in December – because, sure, that’s where you want to be during the holidays.

The airport also has direct flights to Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and even a couple of American cities like Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, and, well, I guess it’s nice that the snow birds have a chance to go back home for a few days during the holidays.

As for everyone else, sadly places like Las Vegas do not have a direct flight out of the airport because, clearly, the local airport is definitely not for locals.