The Palm Springs Airbnb Squatters are Gone


Nice to know that the douchebag Pashinin brothers, who decided to squat in nice lady Cory Tschogl’s Airbnb rental, have left town. The Desert Sun reports:

It seems Pashanin left in the dark of night, Tschogl said, who learned of the departure from a combination of sources: neighbor accounts, family members checking on the apartment, and even a private service hired by Airbnb, charged with gathering information on the situation.

“So it was kind of a combination of my dad, the neighbors and then this professional service,” she explained.

Of course, she also gave credit to another…

“And I think that’s what ultimately ‘smoked the rats out of the hole,’ was you guys, like the attention,” Tschogl said, calling attention to the media coverage. “So he just kind of like left in the middle of the night.

Oh.  Well.  Ummmm, you’re welcome for the 700  posts (or so it felt like) about it Cory.  Just glad to see you finally got your place back.