Palm Desert only wants a super-ritzy marijuana dispensary on El Paseo

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Palm Desert, a city that proudly does not give two shits about its residents, is looking at allowing marijuana dispensaries within the city. Of course, Palm Desert being Palm Desert, they are not following other cities by issuing permits via a lottery. Instead the city is looking at doing it through a “merit-based system” which might as well be called a “who has campaign donations?” system. The Desert Sun reports on the latest from the city as it looks to add some weed shops and how it would like to have the most glamorous dispensary of all time on El Paseo.

You see the city is very concerned with what having just a run-of-the-mill dispensary on El Paseo, a street would up so tight it only recently agreed to allow balloons.

The committee reviewed “some very high-end retail cannabis operations in other states,” Ceja said. “Members believe that a high-end cannabis boutique can fit in along El Paseo and that any cannabis operation in the city will be thoroughly vetted to ensure that community safety is a top priority, that impacts to surrounding properties are minimal and mitigated and that the operation fits in with the image of the city.”

El Paseo is referred to by many as the “Rodeo Drive of the Desert” with its upscale stores, restaurants and galleries.

Side note: Very few, if any, people actually call it that.

One way to protect it is to “be very, very limited” in the number of marijuana shops on El Paseo, maybe just one, and be sure it is a “very, very high end” shop – inside and out, Jonathan said.

Yes. Of course. Can’t have those Bighorn and Vintage Club members coming out from behind their gates to buy weed from anywhere that doesn’t have chandeliers, marble counter tops, and valet attendants forced to spend all day in the hot sun. I mean, THIS IS EL PASEO FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!

Though we may not need to worry as most dispensaries would probably rather be in the city’s “hipster zone” anyway.

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