Palm Desert will allow auto dealerships, but still no food trucks or drive thrus


Palm Desert, a city that has denied food trucks from operating anywhere that would be profitable and has a ban on drive thrus in most of the city, will now allow auto dealerships.

Via The Desert Sun:

Under the new ordinance, the dealerships would be allowed in “service industrial” zoned areas on the north end of the city, in areas adjacent to I-10 and Cook Street. They would also be allowed in areas along Monterey Avenue, including the Costco shopping center and near Walmart, Kevin Swartz, associate planner for the city, told the council.

The designated areas are away from the city’s commercial core along Highway 111 and El Paseo and not surrounded by residential areas, he said.

Can’t knock the city council on this, it does make sense – as, indeed, every other city in America has them.  Of course those other cities also have food trucks and drive thrus throughout their cities too.  But then those other cities also have a downtown shopping and entertainment area that doesn’t completely shut down at 5 p.m.

This city believes allowing car dealers will bring in tax revenue and create jobs – such as this one:

And this one:

The city actually has a “dealership” already – with the Tesla showroom on El Paseo – a place where the new ordinance will not allow other dealerships to operate, because, like the food truck ordinance, nothing Palm Desert does ever makes any sense.