The City of Palm Desert, which sounds like an awful place to work, might establish “ethics hotline”

Palm Desert

palm desert

The City of Palm Desert, which really seems like a super shitty place to be employed, may soon have an “ethics hotline” for employees to file anonymous complaints.  Sounds like a great thing, if only it would have been in place months ago.

Via the Desert Sun:

It was the suggestion of Interim City Manager Justin McCarthy, based on its use by private sector companies and other cities including San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego, Carney said.

It comes about a month after John Wohlmuth abruptly retired after seven years as city manager. While it was initially stated that Wohlmuth, 55, retired for personal reasons, The Desert Sun later obtained a copy of an internal city document stating that several employee complaints had been lodged against Wohlmuth claiming he either sent or showed them a nude photo of another employee as that person jumped into a pool.

The new program would be a way for employees to report anything they might not feel comfortable reporting to their local human resources manager, Lori Carney – who chose not to say if this program was due to the complaints about Wohlmuth and the nude pics:

Carney told The Desert Sun she couldn’t speak to whether employees felt comfortable making complaints about Wohlmuth – or any city manager or employee – but said the city has sexual harassment, discrimination, workplace violence, grievance, anti-retaliation and safety policies in place in which staffers are encourage to report their concerns to their supervisor, a manager or human resources.

At $1,500 a month, it would take over 16 years for the program to cost the city $300,000 of your taxpayer dollars.