Palm Desert “Reality Show” Includes Johnny Bench Staring at Tilted Kilt Girls

Reality Show Palm Desert Johnny Bench Tilted Kilt
Reality Show Palm Desert Johnny Bench Tilted Kilt

A preview for a “reality show” set in Palm Desert has popped up on YouTube. The show stars youth baseball players, their parents, the league board(?), and (most importantly) baseball legend Johnny Bench staring at Titled Kilt girls.

“Opening Day” describes itself as a “new reality show about a youth baseball league in Palm Springs”. The trailer for the show features real people having fake arguments and fake conversations (plus Johnny Bench getting mobbed for hats).

There is a lot of weirdness here, but the biggest highlight comes at the 2:13 mark, when Johnny Bench and family (having just purchased some new flowers) decide to dine at the restaurant that is sponsoring Josh’s team: The Tilted Kilt (which we all know is ever so conveniently about 2 feet away). But uh oh, it turns out the girls there wear some skimpy outfits! Looks like Johnny Bench is in trouble (or something, I honestly have no idea what the hell is going on this trailer) – but hey, he liked it, even at his age.

Watch the trailer and let me know your thoughts with a comment below…