Palm Desert Neighborhood Demands Elderly Walk Long Distances in 110 Degree Heat

Old Man on Bench Palm Desert

Old Man on Bench Palm DesertPalm Desert, California is known for many things – notably its beautiful resorts, outstanding golf courses, lack of drive thrus at fast food joints, and old people…lots and lots of old people.  While many of these elderly folks still attempt to drive themselves (bringing sheer terror to everyone on the roads), some are wise enough to let public transportation do the driving for them.

Knowing that it might be difficult for a 92 year old to walk several blocks in 110 degree heat to catch a bus to see their doctor (or buy their catfood and gin), the city added a new bus stop just outside The Joslyn Center in January much to the delight of everyone except the senior center’s neighbors.  The Desert Sun interviewed a concerned resident:

“We’re scared the ball will roll and that one of them will react and run and get it,” said Flora Wilhelmi, who is raising her 8-year-old grandson in a home on Catalina Way. “Even though they’re instructed not to, I’ve seen a bunch of them do it.”

Obviously, this terrifying theory of ball-rolling is only applicable to buses and not the cars, trucks, and motorcycles which also drive on Catalina.   And besides, what could go wrong if the old people just drive themselves through the neighborhood? Wilhelmi then added:

“I’m constantly picking up cups and trash,”

Who knew these old people were so filthy?  I guess you only have a few years left so why waste that time walking to the trash can to throw your viagra bottle and Werther’s wrappers away – just toss them out the bus window ‘cuz YOLO (and not for much longer).

After much complaining from residents, Sunline has already adapted the bus route eliminating about half of the neighborhood from the route – but residents continue to complain in hopes that buses are eliminated completely, meaning Meemaw will be back on the road again soon

Me Maw Driving Through Palm Desert

(Top Image via David Hodgson /CC)