Palm Desert might allow weed to be sold in the city

Palm Desert

Palm Desert – a town so conservative that it that bans food trucks and drive-thrus in most of the city and only recently began tolerating balloons – may soon allow marijuana to be sold in the community.

The city council is considering a proposal that would allow for up to 30 conditional use permits in the city, reports the Desert Sun.  The original proposal called for 20 of those permits would be for dispensaries and 10 would be for testing and research facilities, but was sent back by council members who thought that was too many dispensaries.

Under the ordinance, dispensaries would be allowed in areas zoned for commercial use, which would include part of El Paseo, and would have to be at least 600 feet from schools, day care and youth centers (side note: the absurd rules on food trucks in the city say they have to be 1,500 feet away from schools and are not allowed near El Paseo because Palm Desert officials is fucking ridiculous).

The council will look at the revised ordinance in September.

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