Palm Desert is giving a million tax dollars to the Living Desert for a plaque and beer tasting naming rights

Palm Desert is forking over $1 million in taxpayer money to The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, a non-profit that just spent millions on a new entrance and is sitting on a nearly $30 million endowment fund.

The city voted unanimously to dole out $200k over the next five years to the zoo last week, according to the Desert Sun.

The money will be used to augment and improve educational programs, amenities and attractions. In addition, the zoo will install a plaque at the entrance plaza that acknowledges the city’s financial support of The Living Desert.

The agreement also requires that the annual “Brew at the Zoo” fundraiser name be changed to “The Palm Desert Brew at the Zoo.”

A plaque (which will surely have the names of the council on it) and naming rights on a beer tasting!  Just the things that Palm Desert residents have been clamoring for!

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