The City of Palm Desert sounds like a super shitty place to work


Palm Desert, a city that is truly the worst, unanimously approved giving former city manager John Wohlmuth nearly $300,000 to quit his job even with reports that he shared a naked photo of a city employee with other employees.  (Yes, you read that right.)  So what the hell happened?  Because the city council is so shady, we will probably never know.  But, we can see pretty clearly: Palm Desert looks like a super shitty place to work.

So far, the city has been very quiet about what, exactly, occurred with Wohlmuth and the photos, with Councilman Sabby Jonathan – who may have the most Palm Desert name ever – saying only that paying out the cash is, ” a bitter pill to swallow.”

Ahhh, so then, reading between the lines, it must be something pretty awful that happened in Palm Desert.  But what, exactly?

Obviously, the victim(s) in this (and it sure sounds like there is at least one victim in this) should be protected as it sounds like they have been through a lot.  Imagine your boss sharing naked photos of you around the office – then getting paid $300,000 to kick it in his pool while you still get to go to your crummy job – all while everyone you work with snickers because they have seen photos of you naked?

Yeah, pretty shitty.

And that is why the city council tried to make it all go away quietly by hiding things from the public, which would have worked out for them if not for a last minute letter from an anonymous source blowing the lid off of the city’s shady dealings.

Wohlmuth is also accused of laying off a city employee because of her age and gender – which is completely unacceptable and, if true, will probably mean a huge lawsuit against the city with yet more taxpayer dollars going to something other than actual city services.

A few months back, I had a Palm Desert city official completely freak out over my “illegal yard sale sign” – a small sign that was placed right next to a realtor’s sign for an open house.  At the time, I could not comprehend why someone would be so angry about a small piece of paper with two words and an arrow directing people to spend a couple of bucks on my old shoes.  But, now I know: they were working in a terrible, awful, hostile workplace.

Honestly, if I worked there.  I would just share naked pictures of someone, say a former city manager, around the office today.  I hear you get a pretty nice payout when you do something like that.

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