Palm Desert comes up with ridiculous district voting plan

Palm Desert, a city that will soon be comprised solely of boomers living in giant houses no one wants to buy, announced a plan to move ahead with district voting on Thursday – but, while most cities that vote by districts have four or five of them (which is basically the whole point of having districts in the first place), Palm Desert will create one tiny district along with a giant one because Palm Desert just can’t stop being Palm Desert

Via the Desert Sun:

The “downtown district,” focused on the Civic Center area and surrounding neighborhoods and encompassing about 20% of the population. It would have one of five seats on the City Council.


The larger surrounding – or “donut” – district encompasses about 80% of the population from which four council members will be elected at-large, with two seats up for vote every two years.

And while the city could definitely use some fresh blood on the council, this plan seems to make certain that four council members can continue to rake in donations from their rich friends while they look down on everyone else from their giant homes just up Highway 74…which is basically Palm Desert in a nutshell.