Palm Desert blocks e-scooters from city because of course they did


Palm Desert, a city that had to think long and hard about allowing balloons on El Paseo, has temporarily banned e-scooters from the city even though there are currently no scooters and it sure doesn’t seem like the type of place Lime or Bird would even want to set up shop in the first place.

The city, which I will remind you currently allows people on golf carts to drive them around any damn place the want, adopted an ordinance nixing the scooters unanimously on Thursday night, according to the Desert Sun.

The council left the open the possibility for a pilot program for the scooters and, once again, there are freakin’ golf carts on the roads already!  Does the council know that?

Oddly, El Paseo would actually be a wise place to have the scooters, which could easily replace the expensive yellow golf carts that hardly anyone uses.  Then again, this is a city run by people who don’t really seem to get what people are looking for when it comes to easy transportation.