Owner of Palm Desert dog spa looking for man on bike who stole $17,000 fountain sculpture

On Wednesday, KMIR ran a story on a $17,500 bronze fountain sculpture that appears to have been taken from outside of Venus De Fido, a dog-friendly spa, in Palm Desert.

The sculpture weighs about 70 pounds, according to the spa’s owner Lindi Biggi, but somehow the man on a bike was able to pedal away with the “Cupids on Dome” piece.

It’s a pretty wild story that also involves Palm Desert’s public art policy – and rather than try to explain, I recommend you just take two minutes to watch:

(not sure why KMIR’s player embeds so tiny on desktop, so you might want to expand)

Biggi told the TV station she plans on placing several flyers around the neighborhood and the stolen fountain was reported to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.