Over a million people have signed up to raid Area 51

Over one million people have checked into an event page on Facebook over the past couple of weeks that is asking everyone to get together for a full-on raid of Area 51 on September 20 – with a mission to see aliens.

Yes. Aliens.

The Facebook Event page is called, “Storm Area 51. They Can’t Stop All of Us” and states “We can run faster than other bullets.” The page suggests everyone participate in a “Naruto run” – which, according to ABC News, is a Japanese Manga-inspired running style featuring arms outstretched backwards and heads forward.

And while many are probably just checking in to the page as a joke, remember, confirming a Facebook invite to an event page is legally binding and you must go to all of them. I kid of course, so feel free to keep accepting invites to my parties and then never show up, Karen!!

Anyway, if you can find some time to get away from Prime Day shopping today, some of the comments on the Storm Area 51 page are delightful and some are, well, just insane. Anyway, you’ll probably enjoy it more than actually signing up, running onto a military site, and probably getting shot.

You can check it out here.