Oops. Fresno Teen Tries to Scare His Ex and Her New Boyfriend, Fails and Shoots His Own Leg

fresno police department gun
(Fresno Police Department via Fresno Bee)

A teenager tried to scare his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend by firing gunshots into the air late at night outside the house they were in. He failed terribly – to the point that he ended up shooting himself in the leg and getting arrested.

Fresno police say the unnamed teen fired six shots into the air in front of a home where his ex and her new man were at 1:30am. The gun then jammed – and when he tried to clear the weapon, he shot himself in the leg.

The shooter was arrested on suspicion of endangering the public and was treated for his injury at an area hospital.

Meanwhile, the ex and her new guy are likely somewhere laughing hysterically.