One Westfield Palm Desert Entrance is Slightly Terrifying

Westfield Entrance

While there are numerous entrances to The Westfield Mall in Palm Desert, one stands out from the pack – but only because it is slightly terrifying.

If you are heading into The Cinemas Palme D’Or to watch a flick (you can drink beer in your seat there!), you may notice a red canopy over some doors hiding behind some bushes.

Westfield Door Distance

As you get closer, you see that it claims to be a mall entrance.

Closer Door Mall Entrance

Looks kinda legit, right?


You go inside and..ummmm, this does not look like a mall at all.


Just a kinda’ scary stairway with no one around.  Should you turn back?


No way, you have gone too far. But, seriously, where is the shopping and the Cinnabons* and the creepy guys asking me if I want a massage?


Okay at the top of the stairs, which way should you go?  What is to the right?


That way looks no good, how about the other way…past the trash cans and toward the green light…wait is that a Rubio’s?


Yes, there are people and chairs and food and stuff!


And yes, you did see a Rubio’s.


And you have never been so happy to see a place that sells mediocre fish tacos!

Now you can finally get that Cinnabon*…wait what? “No thanks, nobody wants one of your creepy massages Sir!”

*Thanks to some of you for pointing out Cinnabon closed its Westfield location a few months ago…obviously, I was unaware and have now lost my will to live.