One dead, one arrested after attempted robbery of armored car in Indio

(Google Maps)

One suspect was arrested and another is dead as the result of a self-inflicted gunshot after police say they tried to rob a Brinks truck in Indio.

The attempted robbery happened about noon in the parking lot of the Wells Fargo bank near Highway 111 and Monroe Street, reports KMIR. There was an exchange of gunfire during the attempted robbery. It’s not clear if anyone was hurt in the exchange.

The suspects, two men, fled in a GMC SUV. They ditched the SUV and got into a red Cadillac at Rubideaux Street and Highway 111, according to the Desert Sun. Police followed the Cadillac on an erratic chase that caused two police SUVs to collide with each other. The vehicles suffered major damage, but the officers were not hurt.

The pursuit ended at the Coachella Mobile Home Park, just west of state Route 86.

The two suspects hid underneath trailers inside the park, where one of the suspects took his own life.

The other suspect was arrested at the scene.