Once again, someone had a medical emergency and Raul Ruiz was there to help

As the Desert Sun reports, Raul Ruiz assisted a person having a medical emergency yet again during an event in Rancho Mirage this week.

The latest incident happened at the representative’s annual Veterans University event. A 75-year-old Vietnam veteran collapsed from what doctors believe was a seizure during the event. Ruiz immediately leapt into action:

Ruiz first placed Young on his back to prevent additional seizures, then checked for his pulse and any joint dislocations. Finally, he tilted Young’s head back and thrust his lower jaw forward — a procedure to prevent a patient’s airway from being obstructed, and to ensure oxygen continues to flow to the brain.

Ruiz attended to him for about 10 minutes until paramedics arrived.

Ruiz has also assisted with passengers in need of medical attention on at least four cross-country flights over the last few years and, while it’s great that Ruiz is able to use his medical knowledge to help those in need, you may want to head in the other direction if you see him just as a precaution to make sure he’s not treating you next.