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Old Lady Selling “Haunted Sword” on Craigslist

Old Lady Selling “Haunted Sword” on Craigslist

haunted craigslist sword

Through an awesome tipster, we have learned of a Texas woman who is selling a truly unique item on Craigslist:

This sword is from the 1700s. I got it at an antique store in my memaw’s home town back in 1984. The person who sold it to me told me to be careful because there is a 90+% chance that it is cursed. Since it’s been in my house my life has descended into pure chaos. My knitting group came over and they all said they could feel a strange energy in my sword room (I have a collection of over 100 swords. This is my only haunted sword). Since i got this sword, about 3 times a week a crucifix will fall off of my wall for no reason. I am 76 years old. I cannot have this cursed item in my house anymore. Please take it off my hands!!

Oh crap.  Only a 90% chance?  But, it is hard to dispute that knitting group…