Oh joy! Saturday is only supposed to get up to 118 degrees.

The surface of the sun, which was probably cooler than Palm Springs today

After suffering through the muggy, broiling, horrid nightmare that was Friday in the Coachella Valley, Saturday’s forecast calls fo a high temperature of only 118 degrees in Palm Springs. This summer is the worst.

“The weather pattern doesn’t show any signs of weakening, unfortunately,” Meteorologist Dan Gregoria of the National Weather Service told the Desert Sun.

And there really isn’t anywhere to escape to.  Even Los Angeles was hot af on Friday.

Sunday is expected to see temperatures drop down to 109, which will feel freakin’ delightful compared to the hell-on-earth that was 122 on Friday – so be sure to grab your summer sweater.

This year has already seen four of the hottest days in the history of the Coachella Valley. 2017 is the worst.

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