Oh joy, Palm Springs tied the daily heat record on Tuesday

The temperature hit 106 in Palm Springs on Tuesday, which *checks calendar* was a day in April, which is a month that normally sees temperatures not that hot or even in the triple digits. How wonderful.

The National Weather Service reports the high tied the record from 2013 and, in the same tweet, mention just how awful it must’ve been in the non-air conditioned land of Idyllwild, which shattered their daily record by seven degrees.

Oh, and Wednesday’s high is expected to match or even top the 106 we had on Tuesday, so, there’s that.  As hot as it is, and considering it’s getting weird on the trails these days, you might want to go ahead and skip going on a hike for a while.  Also be sure to stay hydrated and inside or in the shade.  Heat stroke can sneak up on you fast and, in case you hadn’t heard, our hospitals are dealing with some serious other things right now.