Oh good, you can order a $1,000 frittata for breakfast in Palm Springs


Looking to throw away your rent on a single meal to start the day? Well, you are in luck – as Norma’s at the Parker in Palm Springs offers up a frittata for a cool thousand dollars. Yes, that’s one thousand dollars for a single breakfast order, $1,008 if you want to have it French press coffee and, I’m assuming, you should leave another 18% for a tip.

The “Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata” is not actually a zillion dollars, which is good since no one outside of Zuckerberg and maybe some Russian Oligarchs have that money to throw around, but it is really a thousand bucks.

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The breakfast entree, which costs twice that at Norma’s Manhattan location, includes 10- ounces of Sevruga caviar, six eggs and a whole lobster.

You can see it listed on the menu hereย (the twice as expensive $2,000 version on the New York menu is here).

You can also skimp and go for just one ounce of the caviar and shave the price to $100, you cheap ass.

Here’s a pic of the less expensive version and, well, you tell me if it looks appetizing:

So how is it? I have no idea because you people won’t click on more ads on Cactus Hugs, leaving me to drive around sustaining on onlyย one-cent Whoppers.

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