Oh boy! The boatman bugs are back in the Coachella Valley!

(Instagram / Brooke Beare)

Because making it through the hottest summer in the history Coachella Valley wasn’t enough for you to endure, now the boatman bugs are back to gross you out, camouflage your car, and takeover your pool. How wonderful.

“I get sick to my stomach. I get angry,” Jennifer Lynn told KESQ after showing the TV station thousands of bugs taking over her pool.

As we learned last year, these bugs are attracted to water – which is why there are so many in the damn pool – and, luckily, they don’t bite.  If you have had your life taken over by boatman bugs, you can find some info on how to get rid of them here.

Another note on these little guys, and this is something that might surprise you, they sing with their penis – so, yeah, now you know that little factoid.