Is it Obama’s Fault Humana is Ending Sponsorship of Desert’s PGA Event



Earlier this week it was announced that Humana was ending its sponsorship of The Bob Hope Chrysler Classic Humana Challenge local PGA event (why they have not already replaced Humana with one of these fine sponsors is beyond me).  But why is Humana leaving the tournament?  The answer is clearly the same culprit that is ruining everything in America (according to your Uncle’s Facebook posts): Obamacare!!!! At least that is the question that some anonymous person asked The Desert Sun’s Larry Bohannan.

Q: Did the Affordable Care Act affect Humana’s business so they can no longer sponsor the local PGA Tour tournament?

For what it is worth, Larry does not think so…

A: Well, that might be a stretch. But certainly the changing healthcare business had something to do with it…

But hey, The Desert Sun got Obamacare and Humana in the same headline! –  plus now your Uncle has something new to bitch about on his Facebook (he won’t read past the headline)!

In his answer, Larry talks about Humana’s management changes and how the company is looking to change its marketing strategies.  Speaking of marketing strategies, call me crazy – but as a customer, maybe American’s would rather their health insurance company spend their time and money on decent, affordable coverage and not pour 6 million dollars into a fucking golf tournament sponsorship…  but-thats-none-of-my2