Now is actually a great time to go to Disneyland (just not Star Wars Land)


Traditionally, summertime is not the ideal time to visit Disneyland – but, it turns out, things are a bit different this year thanks to Star Wars; Galaxy’s Edge, aka Star Wards Land.

The LA Times looked at wait times for attractions inside the park and it looks like the mad rush into Star Wars Land is leaving the other rides much easier to get on.

In the first week after the Star Wars land opened, the wait at all the other park attractions declined to an average of about 14 minutes, down 28% compared with an average of just under 20 minutes in the week before it opened, according to an analysis by the Los Angeles Times based on wait times compiled by the travel site Touring Plans.

When compared with the first full week of June a year earlier, the drop in wait times was even more dramatic, declining 46% from an average of more than 26 minutes, according to the data.

Some examples of the current wait times this year versus one year ago include Splash Mountain at just 21 minutes (down from 53 a year ago), Buzz Lightyear at 10 minutes (down from 29), and even Space Mountain at 45 minutes, which is almost 20 minutes less than in 2018.

Not sure how the lines for non-attractions are, but if the red wagon selling corn dogs on Main Street has a shorter line, I am all in.

And while going to Disneyland without checking out Star Wars Land might seem weird, keep in mind the best ride there doesn’t even open until this fall and you don’t have $25,000 for the merchandise.