There are now 2 billion people annoying you on Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Tuesday that the social media network now has two billion people using it. Sadly, not one of them is posting anything you remotely care about.

Yeah, with that many people you would think there would be something that you find interesting – but, nope!  It’s just your old high school friends mansplaining politics, people you are not even sure why you are friends with looking for restaurant recommendations, that friend who shares their Facebook memories way too often, and then there is Debbie and all of her goddamn pointless Facebook Live videos!!

And hey, you get to do it all while Facebook tracks your every move in order to pass it along to advertisers who demand you buy their shit.

The company claims that 800 million people hit “like” everyday for something on Facebook – but, probably because they feel they have to or else their friends will get pissed at them.