None of us get to go to Coachella Valley Wind-Up Today

Coachella Valley Wind-Up Tickets Sell Out Fast

Coachella Valley Wind-Up Tickets Sell Out Fast

Coachella Valley Wind-Up, a concert / after-hours party / video shoot / celebrity party / clusterfuck that was to take place in an old Sam’s Club building in La Quinta, was supposed to take place today. According to both Google and headliner Snoop Dogg’s website, it still is. Should we go? No. But oh, what could have been.

While we will never know the answers to so many questions about the now cancelled event (most importantly: did more than 2 people buy tickets?), we also, sadly, will not be able to pay $495 to party in a non-existent balcony (with lots of celebrities) and watch Snoop perform with 40 models in the old frozen foods section of the warehouse store.

There was also to be “3 of the top EDM DJs in the world” and 100 trips to Hawaii given away in an event that was so big, promoter Saxony promised that tickets would sell out lighting fast – even though the city of La Quinta never approved the thing.

Unfortunately, we will never know what could have been with Coachella Valley Wind-Up, if only there was some other event in town this weekend to make us forget.

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