Sorry, Cactus Hugs doesn’t have any patriotic umbrellas for you


While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I noticed something different than the normal dashboard thermometers, food pics, and vague-booking that I am used to seeing. It was this amazing ad from the Desert Sun:


Dammit. These guys clearly get it. There is nothing more useful to people in the Coachella Valley than an umbrella…plus, it is a patriotic one at that!  Is there a better way to say screw you to communist rain?  I think not.

Sadly, Cactus Hugs has no such umbrellas…but then, Cactus Hugs is also free.

In the future, if we ever do charge, we will be sure to at least give you a pair of these patriotic bad boys or this dope ‘Merican hat with your paid subscription.