No, Palm Springs Police will not demand you buy gift cards in exchange for not being arrested for missing jury duty

The Palm Springs Police Department is out with a warning about a phone scam where you might be asked to buy a gift card in exchange for not going to jail for missing jury duty – which is, clearly, not how things work.

“PSPD will never ask you to purchase pre-paid gift/credit cards in exchange for not being arrested on charges of missing jury service, citation fine or arrest warrants,” the Facebook post reads. “We have received several reports from victim who received phone calls from “PSPD” saying they owe a fine to avoid arrest. They even go so far as to use names of current employees and the phone number shows 760-323-8116. Caller ID can be manipulated easily.”

The department goes on to say that they will never ask for you to pay anything with a gift card and asks anyone who receives a call like this, to report a non-emergency fraud at 760-323-8116.

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