Next week will see high temps in the 80s. THE 80s!!!!!

Ummm, you guys. After a long, brutal, terrible, scorching hot summer, we finally are going to catch a break.

After getting through a weekend in the low triple digitals and high 90s, Palm Springs will cool off into the 80s by Tuesday.  No seriously.  Look at it!!!! It’s glorious.

The forecast is also calling for about a 40% chance of rain Monday through Wednesday. Do you remember rain? I think I do too. And it’s a real possibility. Look at it!!!! It’s glorious.

A reminder: you might want to replace those wiper blades that are probably trash right about now before everyone else does and the stores are all out by Monday morning.

By Thursday, the forecast is calling for things look like they are headed back into the 90s, but not the 100s and thank God for that.

It might just start feeling more like fall in the Coachella Valley, my people – and it’s about damn time.

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