5 Ideas to Be The Next Ice Bucket Challenge?

Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been successful in so many ways.  From raising over $94 million dollars to cool celebrity videos to seeing your friends look ridiculous to giving drought shamers something stupid to bitch about.

And as the challenge winds down, other challenges are attempting to rise.  So far, a few have tried to break through with limited success. Challenges like:

And while the people behind these want to make you aware of their cause and raise money, it is almost impossible to know what formula will make one of them go viral the way the ice bucket challenge did.  So my advice, change it up a bit.

Here are 5 ideas for what the next viral charity fundraiser should be:

The Nap Challenge

The premise is simple, donate money to a worthy charity, then take a long afternoon nap while you are supposed to be working.  When you wake up from said nap, challenge 3 of your friends to do the same – and unlike the ice bucket challenge, your friends will be thrilled that you picked them for some afternoon zzz’s.   Hell, other friends who weren’t challenged will probably lie and say they were challenged.

The Football Binge-Watch Challenge

Football is back and you want to watch every moment of every damn game, but the family says you shouldn’t because of chores and responsibilities and such.  Well you tell them that you have taken “The Football Challenge” and for every game you watch, you are donating 5 dollars (or more) to charity.  Are you supposed to stop watching so the charity gets nothing?!?  No, I do not think so.  (non-football fans can substitute a Netflix binge or two)

The Pajama Challenge

Take the challenge and be forced to donate and work an entire day in your pajamas.  Your oh-so-comfortable pajamas.

The Stay Off of Facebook for 24 Hours Challenge

Challenge whoever you want (your mother) to donate money to charity and, more importantly, they also have to stay off of Facebook for an entire day.  Remember, choose whoever you want (your mother) and know that for at least one day you can post on the internet without those ridiculous or embarrassing comments (always from your mother).

The Just Give Anyway Challenge

You are a nice person and you do nice things.  Do not wait around to be challenged to donate to charity.  Do it anyway.  Find something you feel passionate about and donate money or time to it.  No need to boast about it on Facebook to everyone – you do it just so the world can be a better place and because it makes you feel good.  (note: this is the least likely of the 5 listed here to actually go viral).

There you go internet, 5 ideas for the next viral-charity challenge. Let me know when it is my turn to nap – in the meantime, I will just be over here napping.

 If you have an idea for a challenge, I would love to hear it – drop a comment below.