New Video Shows Venice Beach Lifeguard Dumping Water on His Alleged Attackers Prior to Fight


A new video has surfaced showing what appears to be a Venice Beach lifeguard dumping water on people prior to a brawl that resulted in three arrests.

The video, obtained by the LA Times, can be seen here.  It shows the moments before the fight which led to the arrest of  Harutiun Balyan, 30, Ara Sarkisyan, 28, and Arusiak Gekchyan, 28.

In the video, a Venice Beach lifeguard can be seen exchanging words with people below him.  One of those below attempts to climb the ladder, only to be pulled down by someone else.  More words are exchanged until the lifeguard picks up a bucket and dumps the water inside onto a man and woman below.

“I’m assuming it was a way to cool them down. I think that was the desired effect, in my personal opinion. But I’m not speaking for the department,” L.A. County lifeguard Cpt. Kenichi Haskett told the LA Times.

It was after the water dump that things quickly escalated to a full-out fist fight which led to the trio attacking the lifeguard.  Witnesses said the three people involved with the lifeguard appeared drunk.

As for the woman who filmed the video, she thought it was hilarious.“I thought it was kind of funny. They were arguing, they were trying to climb up so he just came out and poured water on them,” Meagan Shupert, told The Times. But she did note that, “I would be pissed if a guy threw water on me.”

Here is the original video of the fight:

Fight with lifeguard and the homie Oscar against Kooks on venice pier

Posted by Romy Dee on Thursday, July 30, 2015