A new bill would require Middle and High School start later in California


Getting up for school might get a bit easier for students if a new bill becomes law.

Senator Anthony Portatino of Los Angeles has proposed that all middle and high schools in the state not start before 8:30 am, reports ABC 7.

(I will pause now to allow for the standing ovation from all of the middle and high schoolers out there)

Portatino cites a study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics study that showed lack of sleep was a health risk for teenagers and could affect their academic success as the reason for the later start.

The study showed that school districts that start later have less absences, better grades and test scores, and less students being depressed.

And while some critics say a later start time could be a problem for parents who drop their kids off at school, Portantino told the Sacramento Bee that parents will understand.

“Most working parents wants what’s in the best interest of their children, as well,” Portantino said.