Netflix Recommendation: The Imposter

Do not be alarmed, the last thing I want this blog to become is a place for movie reviews. Film critics are all ridiculous. They either hate everything to show how artsy and cool they are or they love everything so they can get a 2 minute interview with Katherine Heigl to promote her next bullshit movie. Bottom line, film critics are the lowest form of life on the media ladder, right below social media correspondents who read your tweets on tv – so you do not have to look at your phone?

That said, if I should come across a cool flick, I will pass it along. If it sounds cool, give it a watch…and if not, just keep watching your porn, anime, Downton Abbey.

Available now on Netflix is “The Imposter” – which is a documentary.  Now I know that scares you, because most documentaries are what film scholars refer to as “boring as shit”.  But “The Imposter” is far from boring.  I do not want to give away too many details, because this true story will blow your damn mind. Just watch the trailer.  I will wait.

See what I am talking about?!?  This movie is crazy and the fact that it actually happened is mind boggling.  Watch it with someone else so you have someone to discuss it with after viewing.  If you can not find anyone, send me an email and we can discuss.  I saw this movie 2 weeks ago and I am still talking about it. You will be too.