In-N-Out managers make a really great living. Good for them.

The Internet is going crazy this week with several news outlets reporting that managers at In-N-Out Burger make, on average, $160,000 per year. Good for them.

While USA Today called the salary “eye popping,” it shouldn’t really come as a surprise.  In-N-Out Burger is an extremely well run company that is insanely popular and makes, and this is a technical term, a shit ton of money.  Why then wouldn’t the people in charge of running the operations of this business not be paid well?

What is more eye popping is a general manager of McDonald’s making only $50,000 per year while the CEO of Mickey D’s takes home over $15 million.  In fact, that’s not eye popping, that’s bullshit.

In-N-Out workers start at $13 an hour, higher than the average fast food salary, and advance quickly according to people who have worked there.  And while a strategy of paying your people well and giving them a chance for advancement seems like it should be a normal thing for most companies, it’s just not anymore – which, I guess, explains why everyone is freaking out this week.

Oh, and did I mention, they also get a free meal on workdays in addition to insurance, vacation time, and Christmas and Easter off.

And it’s not like Lynsi Snyder, the owner of In-N-Out, is hurting by paying higher than expected salaries to her employees.  Snyder is a billionaire.

Now can we get back to discussing how much better In-N-Out is than Five Guys?