Mysterious Creepy Statues Keep Showing Up on SoCal Woman’s Lawn

Creepy Lawn Statues Victorville

A Victorville woman is puzzled as to why someone keeps dropping off creepy statues on her front yard.

Robyn Yearout says that on 3 separate occasions statues have been placed on her lawn in the middle of the night. 54 statues in all have showed up and not in a pleasant way. They were places “as if they were plotting against us,” Yearout told NBC 4.

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For the past two weeks gnomes, lions, bunnies, squirrels, headless turtles and more have shown up. “I have three kids so I assumed that instead of being TP’d (toilet-papered) I got yard-creatured,” Yearout said with a laugh.

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The kids say they have no idea how the statues got there. But her children had no idea who had left the statues there. Yearout has contacted the sheriff’s department and put pictures on social media in case the statues were stolen from other yards and the owners want them back.

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