Palm Springs “Midget Town”: how did you first hear about it?

Palm Springs Midgetville, Munchkinland

Palm Springs Midgetville, Munchkinland

The rumors of it have been out there for who knows how long: there is a Munchkinville in the hills just above Palm Springs. While the legend is in no way true, it continues to live on in The Coachella Valley. So how did you hear about it?

Munchkin Land, Midgetville, Midget Town, or whatever-inappropriate-thing the kids are calling it nowadays is found in the Araby section in the hills above Palm Springs.

As the legend goes, the cast of the Wizard of Oz settled into the rock houses there after filming the movie – which is impossible, seeing as how the buildings said to be Munchkinville were actually built in the 1920s long before the movie came out in 1939.

Still, facts have not gotten in the way of curious (and sometimes drunk) people from going to the site to investigate – even though it is private property and full of no trespassing signs.

In the age of Google, where someone could easily search to see Munchkinville is not a real thing in Palm Springs, how does this legend continue?

Let’s find out.

Tell us how you first heard about it, if you ever went there, and maybe anything from one of Palm Springs biggest urban legends that we neglected to point out in the comments below or on The Cactus Hugs Facebook page.