Movies might soon be available to watch at home just 2 weeks after they come out, but it will cost you

Movie companies are having a hard time figuring out how to make up for lost revenue. Sure, some movies like Rogue One, Finding Dory, and Deadpool are pulling in bank – but many flicks are not. Combine that with the loss of all the money Hollywood used to make off of selling DVDs (thanks Netflix) and ticket sales being flat, and movie studios are looking for new ways to cash in. Enter a plan that will let you watch a movie just two weeks after it came out in theaters.

Via LA Times:

Warner Bros. Pictures and Universal Pictures have engaged in talks with theater chains to shorten the gap between a movie’s theatrical release and when people can watch it on home video — an idea that previously has caused revolts in the cinema industry.

One proposal would make new movies available in the home two to four weeks after theatrical release for about $50 each, people familiar with the talks say. That would be a dramatic shift from the current 90-day wait.

And while at first, 50 bucks might seem like way too much to pay to see a movie at home – you could always make a party out of it and invite 10 people who can pony up 5 bucks and BYOB – which would end up being a hell of a lot cheaper than everyone going to the theater together.  Especially if you were thinking of buying any insanely priced snacks.

And yeah, it does cost a ton of cash to make these things, so the studios have to charge something.

Plus it looks like you still have the option of just waiting a couple more months to see it for a couple of bucks on iTunes or through Red Box – so yeah, maybe not a terrible idea.