Mother Cancels Christmas For Her “Entitled” & “Disrespectful” Kids

Excitement is building for kids everywhere over Christmas. And why wouldn’t it be? Presents, great TV specials, more presents, cool light displays, and even more presents!!! But one family will not be having Christmas this year, because a mother has decided to cancel it.

Lisa Henderson writes a blog called Over the Big Moon. In a recent post, she wrote that her two kids just were not thankful for the things they currently have (What really? Kids?  Weird.)…

“They expect so much even when their behavior is extremely disrespectful. We gave them good warning, either it was time for their behavior to change or there would be consequences.”

“We patiently worked with them for several months and guess what, very little changed. One day after a particularly bad display of entitlement (Henderson’s husband) John said, ‘we should just cancel Christmas.’ And, so that’s what we did.”

Henderson posted this picture of her kids clearly masking their pain…


Henderson says that the family is still putting up decorations and celebrating the birth of The Lord and all that, but the cash that the family would have dropped on presents this year will  instead go to service projects and giving gifts to others (just not her kids).  She also says Santa won’t be coming (that must have been a delightful conversation with the children)…

“We are trying to teach them the pleasure of giving rather than continuing to feed their childhood desire for more.”

“In the future our goal is to celebrate Christmas with experiences, not physical things. We want to either take a trip as a family or do some other sort of activity together that will create a forever memory!” Henderson told ABC.

Now I am assuming like many of the weird parents who spill the beans about Santa (because they “never want to lie to their kids”), Henderson got to experience wonderful Christmas mornings filled with presents and Santa in her childhood – but is now not only taking those things away from her kids, but boasting about it online.

Are there ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, or Future available to visit this woman anytime soon?