More people than ever visited the Living Desert over the past year

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens announced that they broke their all-time attendance record for the 2018-2019 season on Tuesday.

The zoo welcomed over 512,000 guests during the 12-month period. There was an 11.49% increase over last fiscal year’s attendance of 459,784, which set a record at the time.

“Welcoming 500,000 people through our gates was one of our strategic business goals this year, and we thank the community and visitors for their continued support,” said Allen Monroe President/CEO. “With the opening of our new entrance, plus the birth of so many babies this spring, it was an eventful season here at The Living Desert. This coming year, we have more exciting happenings planned and invite everyone to come back and enjoy our wonderfully wild Zoo and Gardens.”

The Living Desert is open daily during the summer from 8 am – 1:30 pm. You can get more info on the Palm Desert zoo here.